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Home to the world's fastest cut sheet A4 printer

RISO is a leading global manufacturer of high quality printers and offers smart high-speed, high-volume print solutions to a wide variety of clients in diverse markets all around the world.

We manufacture complete systems, from the inks to the printers, therefore we fully understand the production process and have unparalleled technical knowledge to build state-of-the-art printers. In fact, all our machines are built by hand, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail at all times.

The French subsidiary of Riso, has been chosen as an official UN partner at the COP21 climate conference. The environmental credentials of our Inkjet printers has resulted in the UN choosing Riso as the sole supplier for the print room. We are fully committed to promoting a cleaner earth and a large part of our development is focused on environmental improvement.

Reducing print and copier costs

Regardless of the sector you work in, competition is fierce and the only way to stay ahead is to reduce costs, offer something your competitors do not, and do what you do better than anyone else.

RISO can provide a competitive advantage in so much as it enables you to create professional materials and communications faster and cheaper. Printing costs can eat into a budget. RISO empowers you to make print cost reductions and take control of your printing costs. These print cost savings can make a substantial difference to your budget and allow you to spend resources in other vital areas of the business. View our products.

YouTube video close up of the copier control panel

Watch the world's fastest full colour ink jet printer in action. Or view our products


We invest heavily in R&D to understand the challenges you face within a specific business and sector, in order to provide innovative printers that help you overcome these challenges and save you time and money.


No size fits all. Your printing needs are specific to you - we understand this at RISO and offer a wide range of printing solutions to fulfil your bespoke needs.


We take a very green approach and consider the environment at every level of our operations. This results in machines with lower LC-CO2 rates that save energy, which in turn reduces costs and saves you money.