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A2 digital duplicator makes the news

You may have seen it in the print news; the RISO A2 digital duplicator was released in the UK just recently.
Well, it’s had a great reception since word got out about it, with articles (such as the one pictured in Print Week) and calls coming in to RISO UK.
If you’ve not read the details yet, the A2 fills a gap. Previously, A3 had been the largest paper size for printing on digital duplicators but our latest innovation changed that.
It’s ideal for a wide range of applications in commercial printing including short-run newspapers, flyers and leaflets.
It also offers high-resolution printing at 600dpi, and can print at a speed of 100 sheets per minute, regardless of the paper size. It is a solution that enables anyone to easily print large quantities both quickly and at a low running cost.
And, at 1,000 sheets in only 10 minutes, users can deliver on time even when the work has to be done on a tight schedule. How fantastic (and efficient) is that? Will it help you?
It’s no wonder the A2 digital duplicator has garnered a lot of interest. If you want to find out more, give us a call on (+44) 020 8236 5800.

RISO A2 digital duplicator