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Interviewing … Sophie Jones, Deputy Editor, Print Monthly

We’re really proud of our work in the print industry. And so we’ve been speaking with other people too who share our passion for print for a series of blog posts.

And so, in the first of that series, we’d like to introduce you to Sophie Jones.

When some people say they have an industry in their DNA, it’s often marketing speak. But when Sophie Jones says it, it could actually be true.


Sophie has been the deputy editor at Print Monthly for about six months now. Fresh from journalism college, Sophie is reporting on an industry that is in her family’s blood.


Her family were behind the DWJ Colourprint business in Port Talbot, South Wales that made its name for itself over a hundred years or so.


“I grew up with it so I knew a little bit about the industry and some of its difficulties,” Sophie told us.


“I’ve been chatting to a lot of really interesting people with fascinating stories to tell.”


She says she can speak with family about the industry at some depth now.


As people might expect, Sophie has written about all sorts of things, such as inkjet printers and litho print, acquisitions and new print equipment installations.


One thing she says is interesting about Print Monthly, is that the publication is already doing a lot of what she learned while at journalism college in Cardiff.


“It was an amazing opportunity to come here. It’s a forward-looking title, particularly with the online side of things.”


While it does have the magazine in print and an excellent online version, it also has TV programmes too. Take a look here: http://www.printmonthly.co.uk


Sophie has already spoken with Tatsuo Murakami, our UK Managing Director. Click here to read http://www.printmonthly.co.uk/NewsStory.aspx?i=2914