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It’s old school, but it’s cool

It might seem a bit old school, but sitting down at your desk and thinking about things is not only an art, but it’s a way of saving money.

Let us explain.

For some, printing just carries on as normal. Hopefully, your printer gets on with things. You might have to go somewhere to get¬†colour printing done, but hey ho, it’s how you do things. Always have.

It might that there’s a hot ink smell. That’s fine. It’s aways been like that. Got all the toner on the shelves? Yes, best way to have them in in case of needing them.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t need to outsource printing, whether for black and white or for colour. A single machine can do that. You don’t have to have ink smells – RISO’s cold fusion process means there’s no heat involved.

No need for toner collecting dust on a shelf – RISO inkjet printers don’t use toner.

And because RISO printers mean you can manage and monitor what is being printed, there’s little¬†wastage of paper.

It might also be that your printing is costly because several different departments (or classrooms) each have a desktop printer. You could cut that cost by having a centralised system.

But you would only know though if you took time out to sit down at your desk, and go through your print requirements. Do your printers do what you want them to do? Are they cost and resource efficient? Could you be doing more, in house?

If you need help with getting the right questions to ask, our team of professionals can help you. Send an email to info@riso.co.uk.