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RISO at the Academies Show London

Just a quick post about the Academies Show London, which we were exhibiting at this past week.

Wow. What a great event for the sector. The footfall was high, and it seemed busy throughout.

In fact, if you look at the Academies Show website, it even says: “Thank you to everyone that attended the show and for helping make it the biggest Academies Show ever.”

We certainly found that our stand, which was in a great position, was well attended and we were able to talk to people about how they could improve their printing resource in their academy.

But why is printing in an academy so important?

As may will know of course, academies print a lot of materials, such as worksheets, letters to parents, homework, displays and leaflets and so on and so forth.

We know though that a lot of schools believe printing is quite expensive, especially when it comes to colour.

It does not have to be. There are ways of printing that are cost-effective.

And it could also be just as cost-effective, if not cheaper, to print in colour on an inkjet printer than it is in black and white using older, toner-based devices.

Our main piece of advice to any academy is to fully audit what your printing resource is and what it needs to be.

And that’s everything from how many printers you have and what they are used for, to what people print and why.

A full audit will be very revealing and it might be that a better print solution is available, and that with changes in behaviour too, bills can come down.

If you look at the Success Stories on our website, you will see how some schools and academies audited how they print and you will see some of the savings and benefits that you could potentially be experiencing too.

It certainly makes sense, particularly if you are school business manager (SBM), or school bursar, to have a look.