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RISO, ideal cut sheet inkjet solutions for so many sectors

It’s fair to say that RISO made its name in the education sector.
But RISO’s unique colour, cutsheet inkjet technology has made it attractive to many different sectors – health, logistics, sports, venue management to name but a few.
In one case study, over on www.riso.co.uk, the print manager at a large, and busy hospital, says: “At 120ppm, the speed of the ComColor is amazing. Some days, depending on the demands, the duplicators churn out around 30,000 prints, and the ComColor has been printing around 10,000 a day. For people who need printers to be fast, reliable and cost-effective, RISO is a good choice.”
And in another case study, one of the team at a sports venue writes of the RISO: “It’s easy to use and we like that we can manage what is printed within a large batch. For example, it might be that we need a total of 3,000 teamsheets, but we need 60 for one group of people and 200 for another group.
“It divides it up for us because otherwise it would be time and resource-consuming for us to sit and physically count sheets.”
You can of course read more at www.riso.co.uk.
But, before you go an have a look, read this quote from a manager in a pharmaceutical logistics company.
“The RISOs are reliable and work hard and we have received excellent service from the RISO team when we have needed it. Our business needs the printer to be quick and reliable and the RISO is both of these things. Our staff like using the RISOs as the machines are very easy to use.”
These are powerful testimonies that clearly show why the RISO is suited to many different environments.
Maybe it’s time you looked at unleashing the power of RISO’s cut sheet inkjet printers.