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RISO introduces the stars of The Print Show

Tatsuo Murakami, General Manager, RISO KAGAKU Corporation in London, has announced that the pioneering company will show two of its latest models at this year’s The Print Show – the first time they will have been displayed in the UK.

Speaking ahead of the much-anticipated show, which takes place at the NEC Birmingham in October, Mr Murakami outlined why RISO’s new products will be the talk of the event.

He said: “RISO has carved out a name for itself across the world as being a leader in its field, investing heavily in research and development to ensure that its print devices have unique features that deliver client-focused benefits.

“The ComColor saw a revolution in printing, setting the standards in cut sheet colour inkjet printers and breaking speed and productivity records, while the digital duplicators are renowned the world-over for reliability.

“Our print solutions have evolved, through listening to customers and anticipating what their requirements and business focus might be in the future. We know they want ultra-fast, easy-to-use, flexible machines that are cost-efficient, reliable, environmentally-friendly and do the job.

“So we are delighted to be showcasing a number of products at The Print Show. In particular, the GD9630 is the world’s fastest full-colour inkjet printer at 160 ppm. It’s the flagship model of the ComColor Series, delivering higher print quality through the use of five inks.

“It stands out too because it is also compatible with Fiery RIP. This, once again, will be a game changer in the industry.

“Meanwhile, designed to fit any workplace, the FW5230 is a compact high-speed inkjet printer that streamlines print work. It offers 120 ppm productivity, and will contribute to immensely to improving workflow.”

Leading the world in cut sheet inkjet printing, RISO UK’s headquarters are in Elstree, Hertfordshire and the team is supported by a global network.

With an unrivalled wealth of industry knowledge, and a dedication to customer care, RISO’s people have built relationships with a range of clients across the UK, from schools to hospitals, and from pharmaceutical companies to football clubs, mailing houses and commercial printers.

(If you want to read some case studies on how we work with companies, and public sector organisations, visit RISO).

If you think your organisation could benefit from using RISO print solutions, call the offices on 020 8236 5800 to speak with our experts.