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RISO teaches Academies Show visitors that printing doesn’t have to be scary


Visitors to the Academies Show will see that printing in colour really doesn’t have to be scary.

RISO, renowned throughout the education sector as the printer manufacturer that is top of the class, will be exhibiting at the event (Stand 447).

If visitors are fed up with monstrous costs and frightful contracts with their current supplier, then they should visit the stand to meet the RISO team and see a demonstration for themselves.

Chris Burgess, who heads up RISO’s dedicated education team, said: “We hear horror stories all the time where people are locked into contracts that see them paying high costs for colour printing  and machines that are really not up to the job.

“It doesn’t have to be this way. Academies who recognise that they need to change should come and see for themselves just how the right print solutions can mean they can actually print more and use more colour and save money.”

Print plays a major role in how schools communicate with people and also in the actual day-to-day education of pupils.

From letters home to parents and guardians, to exam papers and learning resources, printing is key to the smooth operation of a modern academy.

At the heart of many learning environments is a trusted RISO printing solution; quietly, efficiently and cost- effectively working away amid the often frenetic school day.

One academy that has benefitted in more ways than one from switching to a RISO solution is the Cecil Jones Academy in Southend, which has around 1,100 pupils and is a specialist business and enterprise academy.

From a school that had a variety of printers, it now has a fleet of six RISO machines, and the use of PaperCut software means that the academy can monitor, control and, if required, set user volume limitations.

Cecil Jones Academy Systems Manager Phil Maddocks says: “We use the RISOs with swipe cards, the same ones that operate the door entry system, and we use the PaperCut print management software. It means you can make people stick to budgets and you can keep a cap on what is spent.

“We have removed the vast majority of colour laser printers, which were expensive to refill. The RISO solution has saved us money. I have been able to reduce separate toner costs by about £10,000 a year.”

Using the software, Phil can see that since the installation of the RISO solution two-and-a-half years ago, more than 7.3 million items have been printed.

With the thousands saved, improved efficiency and more reliable printers, Cecil Jones Academy has shown that printing doesn’t have to be scary.

Let us know if you are going to the Academies Show, and if you want to meet up to discuss how you could benefit from using RISO’s unique print solutions. Email marketing@riso.co.uk