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School Business Managers: audit your printing and save money

At a time when schools up and down the land are facing ever-tightening budgets, it’s clear that saving money is one of the paramount issues at hand.
If you are a School Business Manager looking at ways you can save money, audit how you print.
It should be something every school does because, in many cases, savings can be made.
If you use desktop printers in classrooms, switching to a centralised system could save money.
It might be that your colour printing is expensive; it doesn’t have to be. In some cases, schools have actually added a RISO printer to their network, rerouted all colour printing to that printer and still saved money.
You could also save space. With RISO, there is no toner, so you won’t have shelves of toner getting dusty. Paper usage is better managed and so you won’t have a stack of it taking up space.
(And you won’t have a mess of discarded paper sitting on a copier somewhere).
RISOs are incredibly green machines too. We know schools think a lot about the environment and so do we. (We were chosen as a partner to not one but two UN Climate conferences).
But, without first auditing, you won’t know what you could be doing.
One School Business Manager, who undertook an audit and now uses RISO, says: “We had been spending a staggering £2,000 a month on printing. Now, we spend about £1,900 a quarter. That’s a huge difference, and we now save about £25,580 a year.”
While a school IT systems manager writes: “The RISOs have saved us money. I have been able to reduce toner costs by about £10,000 a year.”
Take a look at some of our case studies to see how schools have used RISO to help them save money and print clever.
Then give us a call on 020 8236 5800.