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Versatility is ideal

Versatility is a word that is often associated with RISO’s print solutions. Why? Because when used to their full potential, the ideal inkjet printers can perform many different tasks. Whether you’re using a ComColor to print thousands of leaflets, or whether you add an accessory, such as the Perfect Binder or the High-Capacity Stacker, there is so much you can be doing.

The two latest case studies on our website really do back this up. The Edward Thompson case study shows how RISO is benefiting the whole business even though it was brought in to complete a specific task. Meanwhile, over in Sweden, RISO is used when newspapers want to make the headlines.

It’s worth taking a look at the case studies because not only do they tell the story of how people are harnessing the power of print but they might also spark an idea as to how they could be helping you too.