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A college in the business of printing

We often talk about how the right print solutions can open up opportunities.
This was particularly highlighted last week when one of our colleagues visited a college based in the Midlands for a networking event.
It’s a college that is proud of its work and also proud of its links to the community.
In particular, the links it has with business are especially strong.
So when talking with the in-house print team, it turns out that the department runs pretty much like a commercial print operation.
Alongside the inkjet devices, it also utilises a bigger press. It can, therefore, handle a number of print jobs for local businesses.
Indeed, around 90 per cent of its print work is for external clients, and it can count law firms, other schools, accountants and more among its client base.
From printing worksheets and posters, to reports and marketing literature, it can handle a number of tasks.
And it is doing rather well.
It’s a great example of how managing your internal print capability can open up new avenues elsewhere.
A print department can be so much more than it used to be. With a bit of added entrepreneurial flair, it can be a resource that generates income too.
And when all eyes and minds are focused on budgets as never before, isn’t it time to think how the power of printing can provide opportunities?

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