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Cut sheet inkjet colour printers – ideal for production print

It’s now right to say that cutsheet inkjet printers are ideal for the production print sector.
Their use has now been established. Why? Because they do a job that others can’t. It’s true to say that they will not replace the large continuous feed systems. High-quality printing on litho will remain for the jobs where it is needed.
But cut sheet inkjet printers work well for shorter runs, and reprints for example.
RISO would say that of course.
And so do well-known figures in the production print arena.
Steve Rowson, Head of Operations at Imprimus UK, in a case study on the RISO website,  says that the RISO ComColor production printers produce full-colour print communication at high speed, and while they are not as fast as continuous feed systems, “they are much easier to set up, making them more effective than continuous feed systems for short run work”.
He said: “Having established that the RISO ComColor printers could be used to supplement output from continuous feed systems, it was an easy purchase decision. Our high-end continuous feed production systems represent a significant capital investment. The RISO printers, which cost a fraction of the outlay, released capacity on the production equipment.”
And what about the capital investment and cost per page?
In another case study on our website, with customer Adare, Operations Director Danny Narey said: “The machines are extremely reliable and the service is first class. We had been looking for an inkjet cut-sheet colour solution and RISO offered us exactly what we needed in terms of low capital investment, low cost per page and reliability. We have been able to work collaboratively with RISO, and have found them to be innovative and flexible.”
Another company that has been able to use RISO to great advantage, is Edward Thompson.
Daniel Miller, Digital Manager and Interim Client Service Manager at Edward Thompson, said: “We need the right machine for the right job. We produce products that are thrown away quickly but we were using a mid to high-range priced printer to do the work.
“The RISO we have now can produce what we need and when we need it. To have the colour printing of logos and numbers in one process is a real benefit to us in terms of efficiency and not having to have stock lying around.
“It also means we can print the spoils through the RISO rather than having to stop and restart the larger machines. We worked with RISO to ensure that colour profiling could be done so the print from the larger machines and the RISO match. It is a perfect solution.”
That shows that using RISO is a business benefit. And that’s a powerful message.
To learn more about production print with RISO, visit https://www.riso.co.uk/production-print-transactional-printing.html

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