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Ecology and productivity go hand in hand

Printing can be green. Printer manufacturers can have environmental credentials – RISO knows this and that’s why we’re leading the way.
We have committed to deliver on a promise of promoting a cleaner earth, and that commitment is apparent at every level of our organisation.
We invest heavily in R&D and a large part of our development work focuses on environmental improvement. We combine ecology and productivity.
In addition, we comply with numerous environmental directives from around the world.
But it also makes business sense to use cutsheet inkjet printers that prioritise the environment.
Why? Because printers like ours use less energy – resulting in lower electricity bills for you. There’s no heat generated in our printing process – less energy again.
There’s less paper wastage – meaning your bills for supplies should come down.
To find out more about RISO and the environment, go to this page on our website. You can download a brochure from there too.