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First impressions

First impressions really do count

As we said in our first post , we’ll be inviting people to guest post on various subjects.

Here’s our first one; it’s from Toni Gibiino, who recently visited RISO for the first time. He’s recently moved to Zerographic, one of our distributors and visited us here in Elstree.

Toni writes:


Upon asking most employees working in the world of office print about RISO , two responses typically bubble to the surface:


  1. “I’ve heard of them”
  2. “They sell into schools, right?”

Had you asked me the same question 6 months ago I might have said the same thing. My knowledge at that point – I admit with some embarrassment – was lacking at best. This is particularly the case given that I’ve spent the last 20 years working in the trade and have recently acquired employment with Zerographic Systems, one of RISO’s largest European distributors.


Like Columbo solving a case, I took to Google pronto to carry out research – always best to be prepared when starting a new job. 15 web pages later and my baseline knowledge of RISO had evolved by Darwinian proportions.

“These machines are pretty quick and cost effective, why haven’t I come across them before?” I muttered under my breath, eyes scanning over another case study.

Inquisitively, I jumped onto the phone and arranged to head down to RISO HQ to introduce myself and find the missing piece of the puzzle.

My research and expedition resulted in a number of conclusions:

  • Most printer and copier manufacturers flood the market with messages informing us that their hardware is the cheapest, fastest and most reliable on the market
  • Running costs are sometimes still hidden away to only be discovered when a user needs to replace the toner cartridges
  • Buyers are unfairly forced to rate printer performance from a list of statistics rather than actual user experience
  • RISO ignore all these market conventions and put the consumer where they should be: first

Driving back from the meeting at RISO HQ, the fog consuming my mind had cleared with the gusto of the drive. When it comes to partnering business with the right equipment, the starting question should always be: “what do you really need from your office printing equipment?”

After all, if the shoe didn’t fit Cinderella’s foot the fairytale might have ended up being a nightmare. Likewise, the wrong printing equipment can quickly leave the business swimming in a sea of wasted print and paper.

The solution needs to be right for the workplace’s specific needs. It might be, for instance, that you simply don’t always need to magazine quality level printing in the conventional office environment.

RISO have pursued a different path for their technological development, providing cost effective printing, mechanical integrity and a reliable Inkjet based technology designed to fit the actual needs of business.


Knowledge is power so it is now easy for me to understand why RISO is a favourite in the education sector.

Take the case of Professor Smith, for instance. With 300 students waiting in the auditorium for a lecture, he was stuck in traffic. The lecture was set to start in ten minutes and, to make matters worse, Professor Smith needed to print 1,200 colour hand-outs.

Luckily the institution had a RISO ComColor 9150 on site with the capability of producing 150 pages per minute – the first page as good as the last. Rolling up, the professor had nine minutes to spare. Eight minutes later and the hand outs were printed, collated and stapled – now there’s a lesson for us all.

It’s no real surprise that the academic sector caught on first – they are pretty smart by nature. Realistically though, any office environment would benefit from the same logic.

And, as Zerographic can also incorporate RISO as part of your managed print strategy, your workplace will be populated with solutions which perfectly fit the environment.

So next time you’re thinking of changing your office copiers or printers, stop for a moment and ask yourself: what do I really need from my office printing equipment?”

You can’t go wrong with a RISO.

Toni Gibiino

Head of Marketing

Zerographic Systems