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RISO: Designs on an A2 Digital Duplicator


RISO’s digital duplicator devices are ideal for the graphic design world, particularly when it comes to learning the craft.

Well, we would say that, wouldn’t we, as we design and manufacture them. If we said anything different, the marketing people would tell us off and, no doubt, the research and development people would too as they put a lot of dedicated time and resource into creating the devices.

Anyway, we recently posted a case study to our website and it was about Ravensbourne University and how they use the A2 digital duplicator.

Read>> Ravensbourne University case study

The case study shows how one of London’s foremost industry-focused design and digital media higher education institutions uses a RISO.

That case study has been viewed numerous times by other universities and people involved in graphic design, which is great of course.

Samantha Silver works in the Prototyping room at Ravensbourne, and she focuses on surface embellishment, textile print, and graphic printers.

Essentially, Sam helps students and post-grads to understand the printing processes and techniques.

As it is summer, and the university is a little quieter at the moment, we gave Sam a quick call to see how the A2 was doing.

She says that up towards the end of the academic year, the RISOs in the room were being used a lot, particularly by second-year graphic design students who had been given a task to create A2-sized posters.

Sam says: “The A2 did a very good job, and it is probably the most user friendly machine in the workshop. I can show students how to use it and then they more or less just get on with it.

“Students like the aesthetic qualities of it, and the different textures and feel of paper. They also like the neon colours too.”

Sam added that some people had also been using the RISOs to print work for their portfolio as they look to start their careers in the graphic design world.

That reminds us, if you search for #risograph on Instagram, you’ll see a lot of artwork that people have produced when using a RISO printer. It’s really worth your time to have look – people can be so creative.

The RISO A2 was the world’s first A2 digital duplicator. See more here https://www.riso.co.uk/a2-duplicator.html