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RISO’s new-look MF and SF duplicators set new records

ELSTREE, Hertfordshire, December 6, 2017: The evolution of the digital duplicator has taken another step forward with the creation of new devices from RISO.

Setting the benchmark for quality and productivity, the new twin colour MF9350 and the single-colour SF9390 introduce fresh contemporary designs with a premium feel and many innovative features.

Both feature true 600dpi print resolution but also include enhanced image processing resulting in even higher print quality than previously achieved.

With its world-beating top speed of 190spm, the SF9390 is the fastest duplicator ever. Two-colour duplicating can be achieved at speeds of up to 150spm on the MF9350. In addition, master making times compared to previous models have been reduced

Both duplicators are the compatible with RISO’s new sustainable rice bran-based ink, the base product of which is harvested near the point of manufacture, reducing impact on the environment.

Mike Murphy, from RISO UK, said: “Digital duplicators have evolved. They are now more feature-rich than ever and can now print even faster whilst offering higher print quality. The master making and first copy times are reduced ensuring productivity is maximised.

“Both now utilise the new rice bran inks, making them even more environmentally-sustainable. Some say that duplicators don’t change, but our own dedicated research and development teams can prove that the devices can evolve.”

A new full-colour touch LCD screen display is featured, enabling intuitive operation and clear layout of all functions.

Print jobs can now be stored on the machines by installing a standard type SD Memory Card and easily accessed for reprinting as and when required.

Additional features include a paper memory print function, where an encoded image can be printed off on a laser printer, scanned in by the RISO and translated back to the original, thus ensuring confidentiality

For those organisations who wish to control and monitor usage of the RISO MF and SF duplicators, an optional IC Card reader is now available to simplify and speed up the login process by means of a proximity or contactless card.

The new duplicators should be available early 2018.

Please note: If you would like more information about the new-look duplicators, or would like to speak with a print expert at RISO, email info@riso.co.uk or call 020 8236 5800.