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School budgets; you can save money

Once again, the subject of school budgets is in the news. It’s a contant theme for school business managers and school bursars, along with governors and head teachers, who have to make sure they manage finances accordingly.

Through its work with schools up and down the UK (and indeed across the world), RISO is able to identify where schools can save money.

And it will come as no surprise to learn that is with printing. But it’s no small change that can be saved. It’s thousands of pounds.

And it starts with an audit. Cheryl Wason, a School Business Manager, writes: “When we audited what we had been doing, we knew we had been spending a staggering £2,000 a month on printing. That’s an enormous chunk of the budget and it simply wasn’t sustainable.

“Something had to change. Now, we spend about £1,900 a quarter. That’s a huge difference, we now save about £25,580 a year.”

And Phil Maddocks, an Academy Systems Manager, writes: “We have removed the vast majority of colour laser printers, which were expensive to refill. The RISO solution has saved us money. I have been able to reduce separate toner costs by about £10,000 a year.”

Savings can be made, but the amount of printing can increase, and the use of colour can be increased too. School Bursar Roger Sinclair writes: “It (RISO) has saved on printer ink, and costs normally associated with the more traditional printers that use toner ink cartridges, and it gives the school the chance to see the world in colour.”

School business manager Nicky Gilhespy says: “Having the ComColor has made a huge difference to how we print and how we think about printing. In fact, we probably print three times as much as we used to for the same cost.

“We’ve been able to print more things in house and make sure that branding guidelines are adhered to. There’s been so much more we can do, such as weekly colour newsletters certificates, stickers, workbooks and more.”

The first rule is to audit your printing. Who prints what and when and how and why. Does everything need to be printed? Do you have to outsource the printing of any documents? Why? Do you know how much wastage there is? Why can’t you print some things? What paper do you use and why?

In fact, there are many questions to be asked but the resulting answers could be very illuminating.

If you need help with an audit, email your details to info@riso.co.uk or call 020 8236 5800.

We’d be delighted to help you.