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Schools and hospitals benefiting from high-speed, low-cost printing with RISO

We’ve just uploaded two new client testimonials to our website, and we think you should take a look at them.

The first one, which can be downloaded here, is about how a publications manager in a busy NHS setting uses a high-speed RISO printer to help communicate information between healthcare professionals and patients.

“It’s important that our healthcare professionals can provide patients with information when they need it, particularly when it comes to treatments and assessments. This is where the RISO helps us.”

Valerie McGarth, Publications Officer for NHS Forth Valley

The second testimonial can be found by clicking here and is about how a busy school uses a RISO, which benefits staff and pupils alike.

Once you experience the speed of the RISO, you won’t go back. In a stressful school environment, speed and dependability is key.”

Gavin Johns, IT Resources Co-ordinator & Teacher

We think you’ll agree, RISOs are the ideal printers for a range of different settings.