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Schools must do homework on print costs

If you’re a school, do you know just how much you’re printing? Do you know how much it is costing you?

It might surprise you but it’s amazing how many people don’t know the answer to this question.

We chose one school, not one that uses RISO inkjet printers (which are ideal printing solutions for schools by the way) at random and spoke to their reprographics team.

It’s an academy with around 1,200 pupils, from Year Seven through to A Levels. It’s a normal school; smart uniforms, disciplined, working hard, and is keen to reach its best.

It has reduced how much it prints, but still produces newsletters, letters, and lesson materials on paper. But when we asked the reprographics department just how much they printed, they weren’t immediately sure.

They quickly checked and they order 200 realms of paper (at 500 sheets per realm) every couple of weeks. That’s 100,000 sheets of A4 every fortnight. While they have made great strides to cut down on paper printing, this figure was quite a surprise.

Just think of those costs.

We work with a lot of schools up and down the country and our research tells us that primary schools across England could save an average of between £1,500 and £3,500 by auditing printing costs and then implementing changes. And secondary schools could be saving anything up to £40,000 a year if they were to examine costs and take action where required.

It’s clear from the case study above that many schools are doing a lot to make sure their environmental credentials are right and they are making the best use of modern technology.

But, when it comes to printing, they could be working more efficiently and making their budgets work harder.