Supplied as standard equipment the GDI controller is designed for network printing from Windows based PC’s and is ideal for applications using "office" type software and PDF etc.

PS Kit

When fitted the PS Kit extends the capability of the RISO inkjet printer to allow for printing from both Windows and Mac OS. Further to this PDF printing direct from USB drive is possible as is the ability to print from Tablets and Smartphones using the dedicated RISO Print-S app.

RISO ComColorExpress RS1100C

Postscript Software RIP Option for FW Series.
The New ComColorExpress RS1100C delivers levels of processing power, productivity and functionality over and above that achieved with the existing GDI and PS-Kit RIPS / Controllers. Incorporating a true Adobe Postscript engine the RS1100C ensures compatibility with a wide range of workflows, software and data formats, making it a very versatile and powerful external RIP option for the RISO FW Series.

ComColorExpress FS2000C – Fiery Controller for GD Series

The ComColorExpress FS2000C leverages the full potential of the ComColor GD printers, bringing greater efficiency and flexibility to printing operations. With its combination of advanced image processor technology and a wide selection of printing functions, the ComColorExpress FS2000C offers a powerful production printing solution that dramatically expands users' business possibilities.


IPDS Controller - for GD Series. World’s First Cut Sheet Inkjet Full Color Native IPDS Solution

The RISO IPDS controller has been developed to support the latest specifications published by the AFP Consortium and allows the RISO GD Series printers to become a full native IPDS solution This enables the user to have constant bi-directional communication - allowing you to know exactly where a given page is in process, even amid a batch of thousands, from start of job until stacked. By limiting the number of human interventions in your print management process, you protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data.


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