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Covid-19 and cleaning your RISO Printer

Important Government Advice

The UK Government advise that due to the current Covid-19 situation you may need to increase how often and how thoroughly you clean your workplace, as well as cleaning surfaces that you may not have normally cleaned.

Workplaces have been advised to identify frequently touched surfaces that include “control panels for machinery, control pads and switches” and put in place measures to clean these surfaces and objects after each use where possible. Government advice also states “If you change your usual regime then check that products are suitable for the surface to be cleaned”.

With this in mind RISO UK offer the following guidance and advice for the cleaning of any of their printer products to avoid damage to the equipment.

Damage to the RISO equipment resulting from the use of non-recommended cleaning products may invalidate the terms of your warranty and service agreement.

The most frequently touched part of a RISO Printer will be the Operational Panel or Touch Screen, this is also the component that requires most consideration in the choice of cleaning product to avoid costly damage.

The current advice from RISO for cleaning the touch screens on their products is:

  • Clean the touch screen by wiping the product using a soft cloth moistened with ethanol.
  • Take care not to allow ethanol to soak into the joint of upper film and bottom glass. It may otherwise cause peeling or defective operation.
  • Do not use any organic solvent or detergent other than ethanol.

For the cleaning of external metal and plastic parts of a RISO Printer we recommend the use of a cloth moistened with an antibacterial cleaning agent, or antibacterial cleaning wipes.

Please follow the above recommendations to avoid damage to your RISO Printer.

Cleaning Instructions PDF

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