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Compact and Feature-Rich to Improve Efficiency

RISO Inkjet printers require no heat when printing unlike laser or toner based printers. The FW5230 boasts ultra-fast print speed combined with a fast first print time to streamline printing, helping make busy work environments more efficient. Its extremely low power consumption provides for considerable energy savings further reducing overall costs.

  • Full Colour Inkjet
  • 120ppm
  • A3 Plus
  • Oil Based Pigment Inks
  • Three Paper Feed Trays as Standard
Print Type
Line-type inkjet system
Ink Type
Oil-based pigment ink (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
Warm-up Time
2 min. 30 sec. or less
First Print Time
5 sec. or less
First Copy Time
7 sec. or less
Continuous Print Speed
A4 long-edge feed 120 ppm
Printable Area
Maximum: 310 mm × 544 mm
Paper Weight
46 gsm to 210 gsm
Power Consumption
"Max. 1,000W
Ready: 150 W or less
Sleep: 4 W or less
Stand-by: 0.5 W or less"
Operating Environment
"Temperature: 15ºC to 30ºC
Humidity: 40% to 70% RH"
Dimensions (W × D × H)
In use: 1,030 mm × 725 mm × 1,115 mm
Approx. 135 kg
Required Space (W × D × H)
1,305 mm × 1,215 mm × 1,115 mm

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