Driver Downloads

Please Note: The regular RISO Driver Download site is currently under review/maintenance, in the interim period we have uploaded the latest RISO Print Drivers (Inkjet & Duplicator) to a temporary storage area. Clicking on the link below will take you to that storage area.
NB: Please refer to the Firmware & Drivers Versions table for details on which CD/DVD package is relevant for your device/region.

Firmware & driver versions

Inkjet Printers (Windows):

ComColor X1 (3110/7150/9150)
FW ComColor (5000/5230/1230)
GD ComColor (7330/9630)
*WinXP & Win2000 support has expired

Driver Download

Inkjet Printer External (inc PS Internal) - Windows * Mac OS:

FW ComColor(5000/5230/1230)
GD ComColor(7330/9630)

External Controllers
HC3R-5000*, PS7R-9000 G2, IS700C
*Windows GDI only

Driver Download

RisoGraph - Windows:

CV Series(CV30xx)
RZ10 Series(RZ10xx)
RZ9 Series(RZ9xx)
RZ Series(RZ5/RZ3/RZ2xx)
EZ xx1 Series(EZxx1)
MZ Series(MZ7xx/MZ9xx/MZ10xx)
EZ Series(EZ5/EZ3/EZ2xx)
ME Series(ME93xx)
SE Series(SE93xx)

Driver Download

Risograph External Contollers - Windows & Mac OS:

HC5000 With PS7R (PS7R-9000G2/5000)
MZ7/8/9/10 With IS300(IS300)

Driver Download

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