Drive down the cost of duplication and increase productivity

RISO is recognised as a world leader in digital duplicator solutions. Duplicators print on a much broader range of media at speeds that cannot be matched by common office technology. The RISO digital duplicators are specifically designed to produce copies in run lengths that are considered too long and therefore uneconomical to produce on copiers or toner based printers. Duplicators in the RISO range are available in a wide choice of specifications offering models from A4 right up to A2 in paper size. Within this range you can also choose duplicators with different speeds, dpi, image area, cost per page, ink system controllers and more in order to provide you with a bespoke solution for your business.

A range of coloured inks now include a metallic gold. Producing this level of metallic finish is not possible on digital printers, copiers or MFD's and is normally the product of specialised equipment or companies, but with the new Metallic Gold Ink from RISO printing in gold is now accessible to all on-demand.


Advantages include:

*model dependent

The RISO digital duplicator allows organisations to bring many outsourced print jobs in-house for maximum control and cost containment, resulting in economical, on-demand printing. Digital duplicators can handle print jobs ranging from everyday documents to business communications.

The RISO range of digital duplicators can save you time and money.


Wide ranging applications include:

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