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Our solutions help improve staff productivity and reduce your print costs. RISO have an enviable reputation with more than 25 years’ expertise working within the education sector and are approved suppliers of the Institute of School Business Leadership (formerly NASBM). Our education solutions bring you incredibly low colour cost per page, efficient and flexible printing/copying to help meet the demands of a dynamic educational environment.

Our guide to saving on print costs

We understand that paper remains an important means of communication for you. We appreciate the challenges you face from the sheer quantities and diverse printing needs you have, through to the need to justify and save costs, as well as the flexibility required. Your printing equipment is one area where you could take control and reduce costs. Independent audits have proven that a RISO solution could help improve efficiency, facilitate learning through the use of more colour – and still save money. Our Print Management Solution also enables you to take control and manage your print to reduce your print costs. Used in primary schools through to universities, RISO solutions provide opportunities to improve staff productivity, manage and reduce costs and are environmentally friendly too.


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In education we know you need to handle volumes of curriculum and communication material - forms, reports, exams, booklets, pamphlets and more. We also know that colour makes learning easier. We have a fast, cost-effective, user-friendly and colourful solution specific to your sector.

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