Environmental class leaders

RISO has committed to deliver on its promise of promoting a cleaner earth and that commitment is apparent at every level of our organisation. We invest heavily in R&D here at RISO and a large part of our development work focuses on environmental improvement. We combine ecology and productivity.

Reduced per-page print costs

By decreasing printing times, the ComColor uses less electricity than most other printers in its class. This results in significant cost benefits to you on electricity bills.

RISO ComColor GD9630

RISO ComColor FW5230

Printer A

For printer ratings please refer to Eco Brochure.

Less is more.

Leverage the inkjet eco-advantage. The ComColor maintains a small environmental footprint.

Cost-Efficient Operations

Outstanding Durability

Comfortable Work Environment

In addition, we comply with numerous environmental directives from around the world, including:

RISO – environmentally-friendly printing solutions tailor-made to your organisation. Producer responsibility number HG0053TQ.


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