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Pioneering printers, MFDs, duplicators, accessories and cost control

As the originator of the Risograph, RISO has grown to become one of the world’s leading printer manufacturers, offering the highest quality printing/copying equipment and accessories.

Innovation is at the heart of all we do, and we’ve invested heavily into research and development to remain at the forefront of technology within our industry. Each and every one of our products is lovingly built guaranteeing attention to detail, with every device bolstering our enviable reputation for quality. We have supreme knowledge of the printing industry and we’re also an ink and consumables manufacturer, so we’re uniquely positioned to cater for all of your printing needs under one roof.

ComColor FORCEJET™ Inkjet Technology

Our high-speed printers and MFDs incorporate our unique inkjet technology, offering very low colour page costs, high productivity and heightened flexibility, especially when compared to conventional inkjet and toner-based devices. Utilising oil-based pigment inks, our inkjet printers ensure permanency of the image on the page and an imaging system that requires no heat fusing during the printing process. All of RISO's printers and MFDs are environmentally friendly, require no heat, emit no ozone or particles, meaning no special compensatory cooling or ventilation is required, whilst they are extremely power efficient too.

RISO is at the forefront of printing technology

Whether your top priority is to boost productivity in your workplace, expand into new printing markets, reduce running costs, improve colour quality or automate tedious processes, our technology can facilitate smart, efficient and sustainable workflows.

Home to the world’s fastest A4 full-colour inkjet page printer

We offer a range of award winning products including full colour printer/MFDs, duplicators and accessories. RISO is also home to the world’s fastest A4 full-colour inkjet printer and a high-speed (320ppm duplex) cut sheet inkjet production printer with the smallest footprint on the market. Within each range there are diverse machines with unique features, but we have experience across all sectors, from education to politics, production print, commercial and office, so we’re confident we can help your company progress with a printing solution that’s built around your unique requirements.

View Valezus T2100

Digital duplicators

RISO digital duplicators are purposely designed to print on a much broader range of media that cannot be matched by common technology. The device first scans the document to be printed, or this can be sent direct from a PC, and then digitally reproduces it on a master sheet. This master is automatically wrapped around an ink drum, which turns at high speed while paper passes underneath producing prints at up to 180 copies per minute, even in A3 format. RISO duplicators produce remarkable image quality and reproduction, including graduations and sharp lines, whilst they normally print in single colour, with one model offering the ability to print two colours in one pass. Our models vary in terms of engine size, capacity and speed, but our friendly team is only a phone call away should you require expert advice on the most suitable duplicator for your everyday processes.

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Accessories and controllers

Whether you require a variety of end-to-end finishing solutions or a single accessory to free up more time for your talented staff, we can help you improve productivity and achieve operational excellence. From scanning to booklet making, binding, stapling and hole-punching, we can help you automate routine tasks, giving you the tools required to improve customer satisfaction. Our controllers can also play an important role in simplifying workflows, and they combine a friendly user interface with advanced job management.

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Cost Control

RISO also provides print management software to help businesses control costs, monitoring performance and creating a competitive advantage. Whether you require a simple login procedure to control usage, or a full card access system to monitor, control and if necessary set user volume limitations, we can help you enhance productivity and provide significant expense control. Depending on your needs, we can integrate PaperCut MF software to deliver full print, copy, scan and fax control, scaling from 5 to 500,000 users, integrating flawlessly with our cutting-edge printing devices.

You can learn more about our individual products by reading through the specifications, whilst we’ve created numerous product videos to run through the advantages of each model in more detail.

Read more about Cost Control

RISO’s inkjet printers are designed for high-speed, full-colour printing using FORCEJET™ inkjet technology primarily for cut sheet printing applications. The static inkjet heads are arranged to cover the full print width so in effect the only thing moving inside the device is the paper.

This results in world leading productivity with the ultra-fast RISO ComColor GD Series printing at up to 160ppm and the production print orientated model the VALEZUS T2100 capable of an incredible 320ppm when duplex printing.

High speed printing ink

RISO‘s inkjet printers use proprietary oil-based pigment ink. The ink dries instantly and prevents paper distortion, making it ideal for high-speed printing.

Features of RISO proprietary oil based ink

No toner and Small footprint

RISO inkjet printers do not use a toner to create the printed image therfore there is no risk of toner dust being released during printing. Also the compact design results in the smallest production printing at an economical initial cost and small footprint.


Printing with RISO is an earth conscious way to increase efficiency

All of RISO’s printers are environmentally friendly and emit no ozone or toner particles, so no special compensatory cooling or ventilation is required and our machines are also extremely power efficient.

High speed printers with low energy consumption

RISO’s heatless inkjet imaging process is completely cold unlike toner-based systems. No heat means a lower power consumption, even when printing at maximum speed, reducing energy requirements and lowering CO2 emissions.

A smaller carbon footprint

In addition to the low energy usage of RISO full colour printers and digital duplicators, the lack of heat in the printing process eliminates the need for compensatory cooling, further reducing energy consumption and cost. This reduction in energy consumption in turn further reduces RISO printers’ carbon footprint the amount of carbon dioxide emitted through combustion of fossil fuels that leads to ozone depletion.

0% emissions

Unlike toner based printers, RISO printers are free from ozone emissions, toner particle emissions and other air pollutants. Also, RISO printers do not emit greenhouse gases.

In line post processing

RISO‘s oil-based pigment ink and cold printing process results in the printed sheets being produced cold, dry and absolutely flat. Post-processing such as collating, folding and binding can be are smoothly carried out immediately.

Water and light resistant

As RISO’s oil-based pigment ink do contain water the printed image will be entirely non soluble when in contact with moisture. The image will be permanent on the sheet and also display excellent light-resistance to prevent fading. Therefore, this ink is suitable for documents stored for a long time.

Seeing is believing

RISO is the only print manufacturer in the UK with a dedicated fleet of demonstration vans, and we can bring our innovative products right to your door.

This free no obligation service is ideal if you would like to see our printers and duplicators in action, whilst we can guide you through the various machines and accessories that we feel are best suited to your specific goals, workflow and applications. We also provide free print audits, learning more about your goals and challenges. Our dedicated team will assess your existing fleet, models, speeds, cost implications and volumes to identify cost efficiencies and new opportunities.

If you’d like to request a demo, or wish to take us up on our free print audit, please do not hesitate to call us today on (+44) 020 8236 5800 or send us a message at .

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