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RISO offers the highest quality printing/copying equipment and accessories. Our products are the result of continual research and development, and listening to our customers' needs. Innovation is at the heart of all we do. Award-winning RISO is home to the world’s fastest A4 full-colour inkjet page printer. We are at the forefront of technology and pioneers within our industry. All our products are built by hand. This ensures attention to detail and gives our products their enviable reputation for quality. We have unparalleled knowledge of the whole process; RISO is also an ink and consumables manufacturer – all your printing needs under one roof.

We offer a range of products including full colour printer/MFDs, duplicators and accessories. Within each range there are diverse machines available with differing specifications, ensuring we have a product that is specifically designed for your business and print requirements.

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The ComColor FW5230 is certified as highly reliable by Buyers Lab International (BLI).

It completed the 1,000,000 impression durability test with only 5 misfeeds.


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1 - ComColor FORCEJET™ Inkjet Technology – our high-speed printers/MFD’s incorporate RISO's unique inkjet technology which offers the user many benefits in terms of very low colour page costs, high productivity and flexibility of use over many different applications when compared to conventional inkjet and toner-based devices. Our innovative technology uses oil-based pigment inks to ensure permanency of the image on the page and utilises an imaging system that requires no heat fusing during the printing process. This aspect, combined with our simple paper path, provides a highly reliable print device. All of RISO's printers/MFD’s are environmentally friendly, require no heat, emit no ozone or particles, this means no special compensatory cooling or ventilation is required and they are extremely power efficient.

2 - Digital duplicators -a RISO digital duplicator first scans the document to be printed, or this can be sent direct from a PC, and then digitally reproduces it on a master sheet. This master is automatically wrapped around an ink drum, which turns at high speed while paper passes underneath producing prints at up to 180 copies per minute, even in A3 format. RISO duplicators normally print in single colour, with one model offering the ability to print two colours in one pass. Model specifications can vary in terms of engine size and capacity, speed, amongst other things. To ensure you compare like for like and to give a clear overview of what you can achieve with each model, please see the specification comparisons for printers or duplicators.

We are fully aware that one size does not fit all. From our extensive experience providing printing solutions in the UK for over 25 years and globally for 70 years, we have insight and data to provide guidance about products suited to certain sectors and types of businesses.

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