What is a RISOGRAPH or RISO Duplicator

The term RISOGRAPH is a registered trademark for the Digital Duplicators manufactured by the RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION that enables high-volume printing at high speed, low cost with minimal environmental impact. Using a stencil or screen technology a RISOGRAPH, or RISO Duplicator, will produce an “ink on paper” output that in many ways bridges the gap between office devices and more traditional printing methods.


How does a RISOGRAPH or RISO Duplicator work?

Designed with simplicity in mind print jobs can be sent direct from a PC or copied on the RISOGRAPH or RISO Duplicator’s built-in scanner. The machine then receives the data and creates a master, or stencil, which is automatically wrapped around an ink drum. When the drum rotates the ink is pressed through the master and transferred onto paper as the sheets are feed through the machine at very high speed. This cold printing process requires no heat and, in many ways, represents automatic, digital, rotary screen printing.

How about ink?

All RISOGRAPH RISO Duplicators use an emulsion ink most of which is based on sustainable raw ingredients such as soy oil or rice bran adding to the low environmental impact of the process. Being an emulsion ink, it can successfully print on a very wide range of uncoated stocks using 21 standard colours with many speciality inks such as fluorescent shades and a metallic gold also available. One of the many features of RISO Duplicator ink is that it is semi-transparent, providing the opportunity to create many artistic effects where required.

What is the background behind a RISOGRAPH or RISO Duplicator?

First introduced in the 1980s the RISOGRAPH, or RISO Duplicator, was developed using RISO’s many years’ experience of manufacturing high quality ink and consumables to establish a fundamentally new low cost high speed printing process. Originally designed to target education, offices and churches RISO Duplicators have found additional markets in political parties, commercial print, and a growing interest from the “art” market due to its unique ink on paper print appearance.

Further reading about RISO can be found here

What are the main advantages of a RISO Duplicator?

There are many benefits and advantages in using RISO Duplicators, the most obvious ones being the very high print speeds (up to 190ppm depending on the model) achieved from a small device combined with a low page cost. Designed to be simple but versatile in operation with little or no user maintenance required the RISO Duplicator is a long lasting workhorse with strong eco credentials.



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